K-Finance is a Limited Private Micro Finance Institution that offers loans and business advice to individuals and businesses. The institution began its operations in 2008.

We offer a range of short term financial solutions to cutter for personal and business needs such as payment of school fees, paying various bills, acquiring assets, purchasing stock, servicing tender and various order supplies

Any adult matured and mentally fit Tanzanian citizen either employed or with a formal and legally operating business who need loan

We are located at Mikocheni “B” Dar es salaam, Rose garden road near Pakistan Embassy (almost 500meters from Mwalimu bus terminal), we also have a branch located in Dodoma at Office no.18, Capital City Mall, Kilimo Kwanza.

Visit one of our offices in Dar es salaam and Dodoma, or reach us through the following;

Phone number: 0715799115, Email: info@kfinance.co.tz, Website: www.kfinance.co.tz

Yes, our loan offerings are based on emergency needs and quick financing

Our services are offered under 48hours after completion of application package

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Our loans are offered for a period between 1-12months

Our rates range between 4-6% per month depending on loan amounts and duration



Employment details for employees and business details for business people

It all starts with visiting our offices or make call for more details and application. Our officers can also visit you for the same, only you need is to give us your information

Depends on loan amount but generally we receive a range of collateral major being home chattels, cars and title deed.

All successful loan applications are paid through respective applicant’s bank account numbers


Depends on the loan amount and duration, and all loans installment are made once a month

Any amount between 1M-50M depending on the applicant’s repayment capacity and security strength

Yes, we do offer to both private and government employees



Depends on the assessment, but our minimum threshold is 1M.

If you have a main business and that is an expansion line, because all businesses are required to have met at least 6months of operations



We’ve expanded our services to include Dodoma. If you reside in either Dar es Salaam or Dodoma, you are now within our service coverage.

No, we finance businesses with physical locations and legal registrations

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