About us

K-Finance was established to fill in the gap of financing to the people in the low income bracket, operating in the informal sector that was traditionally not financed by the formal financial sector, mostly commercial banks. Banks have traditionally been unwilling to provide loans to low income entrepreneurs working in the informal sector due to the perceived risks. It is commonly understood this sector of the market is characterized with people with very low income, low education or completely illiterate, no collateral, no credit history and they are not employed by anybody other than themselves.

These characteristics make lending to low income earners in the informal sector highly risk. Due to lack of reliable credit finance, the struggling entrepreneurs find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle of borrowing from local money lenders/shylocks who demand extortionist interest rates. As a result a huge size of the population is yoked in poverty. On the other hand, this market segment constitutes a huge population of Tanzania that can’t be easily ignored in the quest for sustainable meaningful economic development of the country.

K-Finance’s vision was partly inspired by the ground breaking work of Mohammed Yunus, the visionary behind the microfinance movement, who established that the poor could reliably repay their loans and could use the loans to grow their businesses. Taking advantage of the ground space created by the financial sector reform initiated by the United Republic of Tanzania since 1991, it was conceptualized to establish a friendly MFI that would provide financial products and services tailored to the unique needs and limitations of the low income entrepreneurs working in the informal sector.

 It was decided to establish an MFI that would consolidate the financial and /business skills/ mentoring needs of the small scale enterprises wishing to grow. It was figured out that what most of the people needed was a ‘kick in the back’ through strategic financing and mentoring/ training in order to translate their beautiful dreams into productive enterprises and, consequently, contribute to the national efforts at wealth creation, poverty alleviation and socio-economic development agenda.

Our mission

To provide credit and mind set change training to Entrepreneurs and Employees of Tanzania so as to attain economic independence.

Our vision

To become a leading Microfinance Institution known for reducing barriers towards wealth creation

Our Values

Customer comes first

  • We are customer oriented organization as such we will always keep our customers first


  • We practice and conduct ourselves as professionals in our business as we serve our esteemed customers. Our customers expect nothing but excellency and we strive to satisfy them fully


  • An organization which observe values and ethics in doing business is one that will always prosper and last longer. integrity is one of our business roots that keeps us strong and progressive


  • Timely delivery, punctuality, attention to details and quick turn around is what make us efficient in doing our work


  • We strive to satisfy our customers everyday by always thinking and bringing new ways to effectively serve our customers and do our work more easily. innovation is the order of the day and it is what keeps us on top of the game

Team work

  • What seems impossible can always be accomplished by collective efforts. Team work is our style of doing work and we have been able to accomplish so much together